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The Livejournal Clapham Circle

Supporting Modern Abolition

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abolition of the modern slave trade
There are 27 Million people trapped in modern slavery across the globe.

800,000 are trafficked across international borders each year.

13.5 Million, 50% of the people trapped in slavery, are children under the age of 17.

There are more slaves in the world now than there have ever been in the past, despite the abolition of the slave trade hundreds of years ago in most countries. But you can do something about it.

This community is designed to give livejournal users a vehicle to educate themselves about modern slavery and ways they can help stop it.

. More statistics on modern slavery and human trafficking.
. Online Petitions, Political Action, & Financial Giving Information.
. Pro-Abolition Icons and Graphics.

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Don't be shy! Come introduce yourself! Talk about what got you interested in modern abolitionism and what you're doing to make a difference. Post icons, userinfo pictures, colorbars, or other graphics supporting modern abolitionism in the community. Bring links to articles, websites, communities, posts, organizations, and other media forums that talk about human rights. Share your thoughts and bring us updates about your actions. Ask questions relating to slavery and human trafficking. Bring your ideas about how to spread the word on LJ and in your community. Together we can inform people about modern slavery and make a change for the better.

Why "Clapham"? Historically, Clapham Circles (or Clapham Sects) were groups in England that met to discuss action for the freeing of slaves and the abolition of slavery. They were named "Clapham" after the town where the famous abolitionist William Wilberforce lived and met with his abolitionist circles.

So who was this "Wilberforce" guy? This community takes its name and inspiration from the 18th-century abolitionist William Wilberforce (recently portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd in the movie Amazing Grace) and The Amazing Change Campaign to end modern slavery. For more information on William Wilberforce, visit the Amazing Grace website. For more information on The Amazing Change campaign, visit their their website.

To learn about other famous abolitionists in Wilberforce's circle, visit this website.