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16 December 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Gift-Giving Christmas Guide  
Do something good for Christmas.

Note: We've focused on giving gifts under $50. Make a big splash with a little present.

Give a specially marked donation:

Not For Sale:
Education in Peru ($50)
A surf board to support The Surfing Tribe in Peru ($50)
Welcome Kit to Sex Trafficking Survivors in Cambodia ($50)
Dental Care for Sex Trafficking Surivors in Cambodia ($50)
Bicycles for rescued children in Thailand ($50)
Medical clinic for rescued children in Thailand ($50)

Free the Slaves:
One-time donation
For just $14, you could fund the education of a rescued child slave in Ghana for a year

International Justice Mission:
Holiday Gift Catalogue
Pay for half a day of Investigative Work for $25, or a full day for $50. Fund half a day of Aftercare for $40.

Support abolitonists and have something under the tree:
Not for Sale Freedom Store
The Emancipation Network
(All leather bags are 25% off for Christmastime. Save 10% on your purchase by using the coupon HOLIDAY before 22 Dec)

Highlighted Items:
These are not from abolitionist organizations, but it goes to show that goods that support the victims of human trafficking can be found places you might not expect.
Freeset Bags:
Support former victims of trafficking with these beautiful bags made in Calcutta.
Freeset Window to the World Messenger Bag ($18.00)
Freeset On the Spot Tote Bag ($18.00)
Freeset Jute Messenger Bag ($21.95)
Freeset Jute Bag Maroon Dot ($16.95)
Freeset Jute Bag Blue Dot ($16.95)

Gaiam's Thoughtful Tees:
$5 from each of these shirts goes to Hagar International, to help trafficked women in Cambodia.
Let Go, Fear Less, Love More Tee ($23.00)
Let Go Tee ($19.00)

Buy Fair Trade:
Here at Clapham Circle we've said many times that we think Fair Trade is a positive and powerful way to speak with our money to say we don't want to buy products made with slave labor. Many towns have local fair trade stores, such as Ten Thousand Villages. But there are lots of online stores that sell fair trade as well:

Fair Trade on The Hunger Store
Support artisans around the world in self-sufficiency, and feed the hungry. It doesn't get more win/win than that.

Global Girlfriend
Also sold at The Hunger Store, Global Girlfriend offers a variety of products made by women that are also eco-friendly and fair trade. Your purchase also funds microgrants to rural women in Africa.

Original Good

White Apricot Special Offers
Showcasing organic & fair trade clothing companies, this page is updated weekly with special offers for discounts and savings.

Treat The Origins:
The causes of human trafficking are rooted in poverty, lack of opportunity, and hunger. Give a gift to help address these problems around the world.
Heifer International Gifts
Help stop poverty and hunger that makes people vulnerable to trafficking in the developing world with the gift of a flock of chickens ($20), a flock of ducks ($10), a flock of geese ($20), an apiary of honeybees ($30), or a "basket of hope", full of fast-multiplying livestock like rabbits and chicks ($50).

Mercy Corps Mercy Kits:
$16 can buy women in the Congo a fuel-efficient stove. $25 can buy vulnerable children the food they need to have good nutrition. $40 can purchase a family garden kit that supports agricultural programs to bring home gardens full of fresh food and water. $45 can help women in developing countries start their own small business. $50 can provide a camel to farmers in Asia or Africa.

Using Goodshop, do your online shopping in other venues with an added bonus: By choosing an abolitionist charity, like Free the Slaves, Not For Sale, or International Justice Mission, part of your purchase will be donated to the organization of your choice. Get exactly what you wanted and make a difference. It couldn't be easier.

There's more! Tell us where you've found gifts that help bring freedom and hope.