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10 October 2008 @ 09:59 am
Call + Response  
We're very excited at Clapham Circle to endorse Call+Response, as you might have noticed. We feel this is an extremely worthy project, that has the potential to raise a lot of awareness and do a lot of good. The film is releasing today. If you are near one of the cities it is showing in, please join in and go see this incredibly important film.

Here's some of what people are talking about the film.
Washington Post: 'Call + Response' Raises a Voice Against Human Trafficking
MSNBC'S Morning Joe interviews Nicholas Kristof and Justin Dillon
The Seattle Times: "Call + Response": A rough but impassioned call to end human trafficking

Call+Response has dedicated their website to some exciting projects. Here's the higlights:

Fund a Project helps you donate directly to NGOs working to fight slavery and follow the progress of your money. International Justice Mission, Free the Slaves, Transitions, and Global Angels are all funding specific projects that need a tangible cash contribution. If you've never been sure who to give to in the past, what project is "most worthy" of your money, now you can choose whether you want to help rehabilitate child soldiers, end sex trafficking, end bonded labor, or help child slaves, and see just what your money is doing.

Chainstore Reaction enables you to send personalized emails to many companies to encourage them to take steps to slavery-proof their products.

Open-Source Activism encourages people to pool their talents and resources to fight slavery. Got an idea for how to help end slavery? Let us know what it is! This website is full of wonderful resources; videos and inspiring stories that can help you plan your own strategy of attack.

Check out all that and don't forget to buy a ticket or two: Call+Response. The proceeds of every ticket is donated to Free the Slaves. It doesn't get much more win/win than that.

Last two things: Tell all your friends to tune in to their TVs this weekend:
A segment on CALL+RESPONSE, featuring interviews with Justin Dillon and Julia Ormond, is set on CNN "Newsroom" on Saturday, October 11 at 7 PM (Pacific Time)/10 PM (Eastern Time). Please check local cable listings for the exact channel.

Julia Ormond and Justin Dillon are on Dr. Phil Friday for a full hour-long show on Call+Response. Check out more.
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